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Wooden Light Painting Frame

Wooden Light Painting Frame

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A Wooden Light Painting Frame is a beautifully crafted frame designed specifically to showcase light painting artwork. Constructed from sturdy wood, it possesses a natural warmth and elegance that complements the ethereal qualities of light painting.

The frame features a smooth, polished surface that highlights the natural grain and texture of the wood. Its design is simple yet sophisticated, with clean lines and minimalistic detailing that draw attention to the artwork it holds.

One of the distinctive features of this frame is its built-in LED lighting system. Strategically placed along the inner edges of the frame, these LED lights softly illuminate the artwork, enhancing its colors and bringing the intricate details to life. The lighting can be adjusted to suit different preferences, allowing for customization of the display.

The Wooden Light Painting Frame is not only a functional piece for displaying artwork but also serves as a striking decorative element in any space. Whether hung on a wall or placed on a tabletop, it adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to any room, while providing the perfect backdrop for showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of light painting creations.


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Item Type: Table Lamps

Dimmable: Yes

Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch

Wattage: 0-5W

Material: Wood

Body Material: Wood

Power Source: AC

Shade Type: Clear Glass

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